Why Should Your Website Have a Consistent Blog?

When it comes to your business, the bottom line is that not only does the quality of your content matter, but also how regularly you post and update that content is extremely important, too.

Here are some reasons why you should be making a concentrated effort to keep up with your website blog.

Rack Up SEO Page Rankings

The more regularly you update your site with fresh content, the better opportunity you have to build up your SEO and be indexed higher by search engines.

Curate Your Keyword Profile

Consistently blogging increases the amount and range of keywords for which you rank. Frequent updates allow you to hone in on your particular audience with specialized keywords.

Beef Up Social Media Content

Your website is probably not the only avenue you use to endorse your services. Your social media account can be just as important. Using your blog articles on social media can be very beneficial to your business.

Strive for Return Readers and Customers

Blogging can offer readers the chance to subscribe for future updates, making it easier to engage with them. When you regularly update your blog, you are telling your customers that you will provide fresh content and they will view you as a thought leader on the topics you write about. Return visitors add significant value to your website which grows your digital presence, and a good digital presence makes your company significant in this day and age.

We are well into the age of technology and the new generation is only using technology for information. Having said that, they will look to your website for information by way of blog. If they find a blog article on your website relative to their question, they are more likely to hire your company because:

1 Your company is up-to-date technologically.

2 Your company knows their stuff, no matter the question, you have an article to cover it.

Adding regular blog content is a great way to improve your website’s discoverability and get in front of more potential customers. I have been crafting content for businesses like yours for many years, and I would love to write for you also.

I would ensure that the necessary keywords are contained in each article. You can either give me the topics you want written about or I will surprise you! I am also available to post on your social media site, one short post per day. This keeps your social media site current and one step ahead of the competition.

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