It’s easy to forget the power of a well-written letter. However, it is vital to remember the power that a well-written letter can have.

By ensuring that you have written a letter that is professional and conveys what you are saying properly, it shows that you are serious in whatever story you are trying to portray. For example, if it is an announcement, it shows that you really value something. Whether it be a business letter, a cover letter included with a resume or a letter to a friend, the time you spend on it can make or break the point you are trying to make. Consider even the basics: punctuation, grammar, spelling, syntax, the person reading the letter will judge what they do next on what is being said and how you present yourself. This is especially important in business. Typically, a letter is an official record.

In many dealings and disputes, a well-written letter is critical. Here is just a small list of some common letters you may need:

  • dispute of a credit card charge
  • disputes with creditors
  • requests for money at financial institutions
  • demand for payment
  • explanations
  • employment requests or disputes
  • business transactions

Working in a law firm for 25 years, I essentially learned how to write what people want to hear. I’ve had much success writing letters over my years of freelancing. In fact, in many cases, I’ve been notified that clients have been able to receive refunds or other types of benefits.

Arm yourself with the power of a well-written letter!