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Kelly Martin

After 25 years as a legal assistant, I went back to school for freelance writing and received my career diploma in 2011. I specialize in letter writing, personal statements and college application essays. I have also done numerous eBooks on diverse subjects and many articles for websites. In addition, I have added social media blog posts to my list, and I am really enjoying it. It’s important for your business! I am willing to take on any project you send my way and guarantee quality work and fair pricing.

What I Do!

Professional Services

I want to work with you to create website content, articles, eBooks, newsletters, blog posts and social media posts that will leave your clients and website visitors wanting more. My writing will enable your clients to learn from you and boost your standing as the dependable industry authority that you are. 

Letter Writing

It’s easy to forget the power of a well-written letter. However, it is vital to remember the power that a well-written letter can have. By ensuring that you have written a letter that is professional and conveys what you are saying properly, it shows that you are serious in whatever story you are trying to portray. 


If your website is not offering content that is informative and creative, you’re in trouble! Generating persuasive website content is not everyone’s business, especially due to the fact that there are grammatical rules and an expectancy of craftiness that comes with it.


Many students do not take their Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose or Application Essay very seriously as a part of their graduate application. Unfortunately, they are making a fatal mistake. I’m assuming that if you are reading this, it’s because you are very serious! Yay for you!


When it comes to your business, the bottom line is that not only does the quality of your content matter, but also how regularly you post and update that content is extremely important, too. 

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Why Should I Hire A Professional Writer?

Do you have an important writing project? If you are considering using someone who doesn’t write regularly, or even doing it yourself, stop right there and really think about it. You’re simply not going to get the outcome you are looking for and definitely not the same outcome as a professional writer will provide. You’ve worked too hard not to let an expert help.

How can a professional writer add value to your business and help you to succeed?

  • This is their job, day in and day out. A writer takes time to make sure the job is done correctly and will work on it until it is perfect.
  • They know words and use their skill and knowledge to your advantage.
  • They make sure that they target your writing for the projected audience.
  • They will help you develop ideas.
  • They know how to avoid clichés and use a fresh and innovating way of describing your information.
  • They offer a second set of eyes.
  • They recognize missing material.
  • They will offer ways to modernize your writing. The world is changing constantly, and so too is the way information is given out.
  • They know how to develop a consistent image of what you are trying to portray.
  • They are familiar with the necessary media to communicate your ideas.

Why is it best to hire me for content writing services to get more search engine traffic to your website? 

Search engine rankings do not merely depend upon just the content you have. There are numerous factors which together contribute to your search engine traffic.

  • the type of content you have
  • the frequency with which your content is read and shared
  • the quality of your website and blog

All of this is taken into consideration while ranking your website.

My job is to create professional, high-quality content for you which, in turn, ensures your website higher search engine rankings.

Although there are other factors to get more traffic to your website, it starts and ends with interesting writing content. That’s where I come in, and I guarantee satisfaction.

Kelly Martin

Happy Customers

Client Testimonials

Great first experience with Kelly. We gave her a challenging assignment and she nailed it. Strong writing and reporting. Excellent communication. Right on schedule. We recommend Kelly highly and look forward to our next project with her in the very near future.

Exceptional work. Kelly was able to weave two very distinct documents into a concise and direct statement of purpose that allowed me to hone in on my topic of study.

All I needed was one exchange to discuss revisions and Kelly got it. She embraced my input and criticism, gave me a heads-up on status then delivered a solid product in the manner expected. What more do you want!

Excellent copywriter, very easy to work with. Highly recommended..

I would like to thank her for helping me out in my crunch time. She is very flexible and accommodating.

We are super happy that we found Kelly! She does great work and we will 100% be working with her more in the future!

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!